YES – the leaves have begun changing color, the nights are cooler and – it’s OCTOBER – which means Halloween is right around the corner!  Let’s not get started on the Halloween costume choices just yet, as FIRST things first, we need to get the BOO! started!  Yes, kids around these parts have been asking who starts the BOO! and when they start the BOO!  So today I got busy designing a NEW sign for 2013!

We've Been Booed! Poster Signs - 2013

Mid-September I started shopping around in stores for a fun way to make BOOS! that did not involve the plastic jack-o-lanterns that dominate the stores every season in Halloween themed colors.  

Ideas for a "We've Been BOOED!" Bucket

While at Michael’s Craft Store I spotted a BLACK beach pail / bucket in the Halloween section – NICE!  Something traditional, but with a twist in BLACK for Halloween!  SCORE!

This year I decided not to put any candy in our BOOS! as I figured the kiddos will get enough of that come Halloween Night.  I did an assortment of Halloween Sandwich bags, Mac N’ Cheese, an LED light for a pumpkin, Glow Sticks, pencils and some BOO napkins I found at Wal-Mart!   I also threw in some mini crafts – keep them busy decorating! While at Hobbly Lobby, I came across an AWESOME orange mini wooden glittery “BOO”cut-out that was hung with a see-through ribbon.  PERFECT!  I detached the black pail’s white handle, slipped on the wooden “Boo” and re-attached the white handle.  Voilà!  Instant pop! with the black pail and orange sign!

Today I sat down and created a SPIDER theme!   Why a spider, well many people are creeped out by them and I LOVED the spider web I had designed for the 2011 BOO! printable sign, so it all came together.  I have two versions to share: {black and pale purple} and {black and white}.  Please be sure to comment and let me know which one you will be using! 

Each file has two pages and should be duplex printed.  The front has the “WE’VE BEEN BOOED” sign and the reverse has the “YOU’VE BEEN BOOED! tag line with DIRECTIONS on what to do.

Ideas for a "We've Been BOOED!" Bucket Not sure what being BOOED! is all about?? Well then click on one of the two links, below, and read page 2.  Super easy and something fun to do as a family!  And you can certainly do more than two!  If, for example you have four kiddos, make four BOOS! and let each pick a house!  Enjoy starting or spreading the BOO in your neighborhood – YES, you can start it (and you don’t have to have children to get in on the fun) – it could come back to you!


  1. Black and Pale Purple
  2. Black & White

PLEASE comment and let me know what you think of the 2013 Hana Hou BOO! signs and also please share what you include in your BOO!s and how you packaged them – I’m thinking this might be fun to do in December with a Christmas twist!!!

If you’re a fan of the older BOO! signs from 2011, here’s the link to that post:

Is there a particular theme you’d like to see for the 2014 BOO! sign?  Feel free to comment on that as well!

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